My coronavirus survival plan.. And it doesn’t involve toilet paper.

How intense has 2020 been – first the worst bushfires in ever, then the worst floods in ever- and now for the plague (no locusts, but a plague nonetheless). Except… It’s not the plague. And it’s not anywhere as bad as people think. Regardless, we all seem to love a bit of drama and since all the fires are out and Scomo hasn’t taken a holiday, I guess we need to be a little extra about something.

Unlike some, I will not be stockpiling toilet paper… Although, we did forget to get some the last 2 shopping trips, so inconveniently we’ve run out. I also won’t be stockpiling food-  I’m sure my cupboard, fridge and freezer could sustain us with their contents for 2 weeks – we’d have to get creative, sure, but there’s enough there and it’s probably a good excuse to use it all up! And I can kill two birds with one stone and Marie Kondo my cupboard.

In all seriousness though, I will be doing some things to prepare for coronavirus. This is them:

1. I’m going to spend less time on social media, more time staring into my beautiful new son’s big blue eyes. I have been scrolling alot more than I like, and if I or he was to die, I know I’d appreciate knowing I squeezed every last drop out of the moments we had together. Actually though, I’m a 31 year old healthy woman so the virus is not likely to affect me much. As for him? Well, so far reports say it actually doesn’t affect young people as much as you’d think – no babies have died, and even in China the last I read the count was like 6 kids who were hospitalised and the worst symptoms were a fever or a cough. Nevertheless, life is short and precious so less screen time, more real time.

My boy ❤

2. Really focus on my health. I’m not a fan of dieting or ruling things out, but sugar lowers your immune system for 24 hours after eating it, so I might focus a little more on only eating the stuff when I have a real craving for it (and not when I’m tired or bored which has been happening the last 4 weeks..) I’ll also keep avoiding alcohol (due to pregnancy I haven’t had a drink since May 23 last year – my birthday – so I’ll carry on with that). I’ll eat mostly whole, organic foods, drink lots of water and get my body moving (now that I’m not crippled from the after-effects of having a child). Honestly, caring about my health is important all the time, but especially when I want to boost my immune system. So lots of gut-loving fiber from vegetables, fermented foods like sauerkraut, homemade yogurt and kombucha to increase the good bacteria who fight bad bugs, taking a good quality probiotic, drinking filtered water (because chlorine is intended to kill bugs so obviously kills our microbiome), and eating lots of fresh fruit and veg with antioxidants to fight free radicals that kill our cells will all be on the menu for me.

3. Spend as much time in nature as possible. Nature is healing. Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is a Japanese therapy that literally involves just immersing yourself in the natural world. It has scientifically-supported benefits too: increasing immune system, fighting illness, decreasing blood pressure, lowering heart rate, decreasing effects of stress and increasing creativity. How cool is that! All things that will help should I contract coronavirus (even creativity will help me think outside the square and problem-solve should I need it).

4. Keep my sensible hat on. That sounds so fucking boring, I know, but I just think we need to be rational in the face of hysteria. The media is preying on our already fragile anxieties after coming off the back of the worst bushfire season ever, some of the hottest temps on record and a government who just keeps clearing forests and approving coal-mines. We feel worried, well I do, and the media loves that. So keeping my mind out of the shit media pages and focused on the facts, or maybe just out of the media pages (news) altogether, will probably help. The flu still kills more people than this coronavirus, yet people aren’t terrified of it..which is beyond me.

5. Stay present. If we all got completely off social media, stopped watching and reading the news and cut off any other connection we have to broadcasts about coronavirus, life would look more or less the same as it always has. Right now, we’re okay. Right now, it’s business as usual. Right now, we don’t need to be stock piling bloody toilet paper. Right now, the rain is dropping in heavy droplets on the tin roof of my mum’s holiday house where I’m staying with her, and I have a divine little caterpillar lying fast asleep next to me. Life is good. No need to worry.

6. Start meditating regularly again. Since having baby I have managed to meditate a few times – 5 to 10 minutes here or there while I can, or a quick guided meditation when I’m feeling stressed out. Meditation lowers stress, and stress lowers your immune system, therefore meditation will help fight coronavirus (Or any other virus – the last thing this sleep-deprived mama needs is any sort of sickness). It also helps me stay rational, feel positive, see the sparkle in a dreary day, be more loving to my loved ones and less cranky too. There’s literally nothing bad about meditating. Actually, I’m going to go do it now!


7. Keep growing our own food. This is literally the reason I told you we bought an acreage – to survive the armageddon. Okay, so I don’t think this is the armageddon, but regardless, growing your own food sure comes in handy. We’ll need to grow some potatoes though, because I eat them basically every day because #carbface, and I’d love to convince James to let me get a goat for fresh milk but I’ve got my own udders currently so I guess if we can’t get fresh dairy we have an option. That sounds a bit gross, and I am joking, but now that I think about it drinking the milk from an animal is probably more gross than drinking my own. Vegans will attest to this. I will have to stop the goanna stealing the eggs though, and somehow ward off my increasingly psycho rooster from attacking me every time I go into the garden where the veggie beds are – perhaps I can get the goanna to eat the rooster instead and all my problems will be solved.

Eggbert the Psychopath

So, that’s whats in my end of the world survival kit – what does yours look like?

Published by Acacia

I'm an Australian woman who loves writing, exploring nature, spending time with my animals and family, and figuring out how to live the best life I can without stealing from our beautiful Earth.

5 thoughts on “My coronavirus survival plan.. And it doesn’t involve toilet paper.

  1. Personally I don’t trust any coronavirus plan that doesn’t involve stockpiling toilet paper! Kidding of course…agree with everything you wrote on this. Replacing news and social media with a wholesome diet and meditation is THE perfect approach.


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