How to make your own coconut milk

When I went to Thailand for yoga teacher training I was amazed how much better curries tasted than here – and one of the main reasons is that they make their own, fresh coconut milk. We also had fresh coconut milk with breakfast and it was so similar to dairy milk I didn’t notice for a few days that it wasn’t.

Breakfast at YTT with Kaya, Go to, Alex & Gaurav

Despite this yumminess, I’ve always put making my own nut mylk in the too hard basket but Louis-James has a cows milk protein intolerance and I am intolerant to almonds, soy and the gums in most non dairy milk so I had to get creative for my cup of tea (without tea I am sure I would actually die).

Lucky my brother is staying with us and he showed me how simple this is to make. All you need is a coconut (the brown husky type not the young white ones), a high speed blender, a muslin cloth or nut milk bag, and water!

1. Break open your coconut. I use the high tech technique of smashing it on the garage floor with a hammer. If you know of a less violent way, fill me in. Often the flesh comes away from the husk in the process, if not leverage it with a knife. Make sure your fingers are out of the way, or like clumsy ole me, you will cut yourself deep. Then chop into smallish pieces.

2. Put all pieces in the blender and just cover with water, or just less than covering. Add a pinch of Himalayan salt if like me, you put salt in everything.

3. Blend on high for about 2 mins. You want it really mushy like the picture.

4. Cover a bowl with muslin (I used a newborn swaddle because why not?) Or use a nut milk bag. I know you’re wondering if a pillow case works, and the answer is no. It’s too fine. Pour the contents of the blender in.

5. Wrap the muslin up and start squeezing. You really have to squeeze a lot to get all the liquid out. Make sure all the edges are wrapped up or you may or may not end up with coconut all over the bench.


You’re done!! How easy was that. Now, if you’d like coconut cream for a curry all you have to do is pour it into a jar and wait.

The cream separates and if you refrigerate it, it will harden. If your cream doesn’t separate and your liquid is watery and curdles in hot drinks, you have used too much water in the first instance (or used a pillow case despite warnings not to) and haven’t blended it enough in the second instance.

Honestly, this is so creamy and yummy and has only a mild coconut taste compared to tins. Plus, many tins have extra crappy ingredients, and plastic lining the tins which seep BPAs into your milk, so you can drink this knowing you’re making a better choice for your body.

Please let me know if you make it and if so, what you used it for – I’m currently loving a coconut mylk turmeric latte after dinner or mixed with honey for a dandelion coffee (Did I mention Louis-James is also intolerant to coffee?) Lucky we make ’em cute!

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