A journey of a thousand miles..

I’m feeling good. Pre-baby good actually! Since Louis-James was born I have felt a multitude of emotions but honestly, I have struggled alot. I have experienced periods of depression, anxiety, stress and of course, sleep deprivation (or maybe all of it has been sleep deprivation). The truth is, I had a very different idea inContinue reading “A journey of a thousand miles..”

Making friends with anxiety

When I think of anxiety, I think of cold, icy veins. That’s when I’m really anxious – it’s immobilising, paralysing, petrifying. I also think of the symptoms on the questionnaires you do for the doctor – dry mouth, racing heart, breathlessness. Unlike the icy veins, I experience none of those. And because the icy veinsContinue reading “Making friends with anxiety”

The art of drinking tea

One of my favourite slow down activities is drinking tea traditionally – there’s something magical about the process – smelling the florally fragrant tea as I scoop it into the pot, the shrill whistle of my stove top kettle as the water boils, that slosh as the water pours into the tea pot and staringContinue reading “The art of drinking tea”

Becoming the Boss S01 E02

We are tired. We’re so tired we can’t be bothered to compete over who’s more tired, and as the most competitive couple out there, that’s saying something. However.. We have also made it through our first month in business! We are elated and proud of ourselves and something inside keeps pushing us along even thoughContinue reading “Becoming the Boss S01 E02”

Becoming the Boss Series 1 Episode 1

You may have seen on social media that my husband and I have taken over his family business. He and his dad have run the factory together for 13 years, with his Step-Mum managing the Cafe for that time. I’ve dabbled in working there casually but as his dad and wife are retiring James andContinue reading “Becoming the Boss Series 1 Episode 1”

Health as the journey not the destination

What if we viewed health as a process, as something we could choose to do at each moment, rather than something we look to attain? What if it was actions we could take at each juncture in the road, rather than any sort of measurable outcome like statistics or numbers? What if it were somethingContinue reading “Health as the journey not the destination”

How to make your own coconut milk

When I went to Thailand for yoga teacher training I was amazed how much better curries tasted than here – and one of the main reasons is that they make their own, fresh coconut milk. We also had fresh coconut milk with breakfast and it was so similar to dairy milk I didn’t notice forContinue reading “How to make your own coconut milk”