Hope in the face of hell

I just watched the news. I knew there was a reason I don’t normally do that. The fires across Australia are absolutely devastating; wild flames destroying everything in their path. We were given the “all clear” a week or so ago – the Hawkesbury had blocked the Gosper’s Mountain fire that threatened the Central Coast. To be honest, I felt like the real threat was from embers setting the bush behind our home ablaze – because I couldn’t imagine the fire moving through whole suburbs to get to us, or that the RFS would “allow” such a thing to happen. But ABC News really quashed those ideas tonight – footage of whole suburbs gone, people running to the beach because the water was the only place they would be safe, the only place they could go.


A few weeks ago my mum asked me “how do you feel bringing a baby into all of this?” Continue reading “Hope in the face of hell”