Making friends with anxiety

When I think of anxiety, I think of cold, icy veins. That’s when I’m really anxious – it’s immobilising, paralysing, petrifying. I also think of the symptoms on the questionnaires you do for the doctor – dry mouth, racing heart, breathlessness. Unlike the icy veins, I experience none of those. And because the icy veinsContinue reading “Making friends with anxiety”

The art of drinking tea

One of my favourite slow down activities is drinking tea traditionally – there’s something magical about the process – smelling the florally fragrant tea as I scoop it into the pot, the shrill whistle of my stove top kettle as the water boils, that slosh as the water pours into the tea pot and staringContinue reading “The art of drinking tea”

Why I meditate (and how I learned to do it)

Meditation is a pretty big thing these days. Previously reserved for monks, yogis or hippies now you hear of even CEOs and billionaires swearing by it. Honestly, I’m not surprised – it’s certainly changed my life (and I don’t say that lightly).